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Leaders in Property Acquisition, Commercial Law & Investment, and Legacy Planning in St. Lucia

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Athena Law was conceived on the idea that there had to be a better way to engage in the practice of law and to create and appreciate a different life experience. Over the course of almost 25 years in the practice of law, I realised that I was most fulfilled working collaboratively with clients, creating practical solutions using innovation, knowledge and experience while making the time to engage in activities outside of the law. My goal is to provide both private and corporate clients with legal services which are focused and customized to meet your specific needs. I see myself as a part of your personal journey, guiding and supporting you to ensure that you can achieve your vision.

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We are leaders in property acquisition, commercial law & investment and legacy planning for trailblazers, pioneers and investors, who have accumulated wealth and are used to working with the best in class brands. We simplify complex legal processes to find the fastest resolution to your matter. Our mission is to help you to enjoy more freedom, peace of mind and success on the path to creating a more expansive life and lasting legacy.

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