[They offer] a reliable, professional and efficient service on a cost effective basis.

We have worked with Michelle Anthony-Desir over many years, and as one of the leading realtors on the island of St. Lucia, specialising in property sales to an international client base, we are very happy to recommend her services. We, and our clients, have always found Michelle and her staff to be friendly, helpful and most importantly offering a reliable, professional and efficient service on a cost effective basis.

Michelle handles every matter in a confident, knowledgeable and thorough manner.

I have known Michelle professionally since 2006 when she became our company lawyer. In all our dealings, she has consistently shown herself to be extremely competent.

Michelle handles every matter in a confident, knowledgeable and thorough manner and while she protects the interests of St. Lucia Distillers, she maintains a high level of ethics and fairness, which is consistent with our own values. This makes us comfortable working with her. Michelle is also a good listener and carefully considers our views and opinions. On top of all that, while being the consummate professional, Michelle still manages to be warm and pleasant in a way that is not typical of the average lawyer. I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle for the foreseeable future.

We have found that living in Canada and having Michelle as our attorney in St. Lucia, the distance is never an issue.

My wife and I have enjoyed St. Lucia, away from the cold Canadian winters for the past 8 years, and engaged Mrs. Michelle Anthony-Desir as our attorney in 2018 and continue to the present day.

Michelle is hands-on, extremely competent, a very quick thinker, very circumspect in handling complex issues, clear, thoughtful, insightful, and decisive. She is a very sharp listener, and despite the many cases she handles, we are amazed that she always has all the details of our cases at her fingertips. We have a very high level of comfort with Michelle’s handling of our matters, whether in her role as advisor, advocate, supporting us through mediation, or in court, and she has done all of this for, and with us, over these years.

We have developed a relationship with Michelle that goes beyond being her client, and that is largely due to her caring, warm, open, and trustworthy manner and personality. We always feel we get high value for the fees we pay, and the outcomes we achieve together with her makes it all worthwhile.

Living in Canada, we are used to technology underpinning many aspects of our life, and a very convenient way to deal with complex processes and issues. Michelle’s level of comfort and effectiveness with technology in her work as an attorney is beyond some of what we experience with attorneys in Canada. Michelle makes it a point to be on the cutting edge of technology in her work.

We have found that living in Canada and having Michelle as our attorney in St. Lucia, the distance is never an issue. Work and communication happens as though she is right next door. It is our sincere pleasure, without any reservation, to recommend Michelle, if you need an attorney who will be your caring and professional advocate.

Michelle is a personable, knowledgeable, and caring person who with an extensive knowledge of not only St. Lucian law.

Michelle has made the process of buying a property on foreign soil seamless. She guided us through the formation and maintenance of an International Business Company and its inclusion in our trust assets.

Michelle’s long history on the island of St. Lucia has been invaluable with regards to intimate knowledge of changing laws and procedures on the island, as well as who to contact to accomplish any task we have required. My wife and I have followed several of Michelle’s recommendations on local vendors including insurance and banking – she even recommended the management team we have to take care of our villa.

Michelle is a personable, knowledgeable, and caring person with an extensive knowledge of St. Lucian law. Our relationship with Michelle spans several years and counting. My wife and I strongly endorse Attorney Michelle Anthony-Desir for all your legal St.Lucia requirements and are confident you will be as satisfied as we have been.

St. Lucia Real Estate Lawyer

St. Lucia is one of the world’s most desirable real estate locations. If you are a St. Lucian national looking to make a real estate investment, or you have recently visited the island and are looking to purchase a vacation home, a permanent residence, or are considering going into business, it is vitally important to engage an experienced legal practitioner to guide and support you on your journey.

At Athena Law, we offer a range of services which includes representing your interests during the negotiation of a purchase agreement, advising on the best method of acquisition, drafting the legal documents needed to make these sales official, guiding you on the mortgage process, and even working to create legacy plans that ensure your heirs receive the property with minimum interference after your death. In addition, our many years of experience in handling commercial law and investments give us the unique ability to assist you in your business ventures, from construction agreements, government incentives and approvals to facilitating investor financing. Contact us today to find out more information.

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